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 Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows
Children's Circle

A Book of Shadows is the very heart of your path. It contains the rituals, spells, information regarding the different deities of your pantheon and any other information specific to your ideals and beliefs. It is your source book and personal library. Feel free to use any of the items here for your personal use. Copyright is rarely withheld, but please ask before taking things for business use.

Correspondence Tables

Correspondences for stones, colors, etc

Charges and Invocations

Beautifully written calls to our Lord and Lady.

Magickal Alphabets and Symbols

A variety of alternate alphabet systems for magickal writing.

Gods and Goddesses

Descriptions of deities from different traditions

Rituals and Spells
My personal collection of rituals for the Sabbats and Esbats, as well as spells collected over the course of my study.

The Library
Poems, chants, creeds, and other written items considered common knowledge, or valued as necessary for the true practice of Witchcraft.


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