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 Correspondence Tables

Children's Circle

To make the most of the power you hold, you must pay attention to certain relationships, or correspondences to the work you are doing. For each activity that a witch does,  there is a day, hour, color, stone, and deity, (not to mention 10 million other things) that correspond with it, to take into consideration. Fortunately, there will be no test and this will not become part of your permanent record. These things have a way of "working themselves out". Once you get the first few things in place, the rest just falls together. The tables on these pages will help you learn these correspondences to make your spells and rituals more effective.
Elemental Correspondences     Attributes for each of the elements
Color Correspondences     Purposes and attributes relating to color

Planetary Correspondences     Planetary correspondence tables

Stone Correspondences     List of stones and their magical properties.


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