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============================================================ Introduction

These stories are reprinted with permission of the author. To read the stories, use the links at the bottom of the page.

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A Child's Book of Wicca

An Introduction to Wicca for Children

By Daven and Theresa

Copyright 1996


This is a book designed for any Wiccan attempting to raise a child or children in the Craft. It is a collection of stories designed to introduce a five to eight year old to the basics of our religion.

While looking for appropriate books to read to my four-year-old sympathetic to witchcraft in general, I was only able to locate books filled with superstition, hatefulness, and old legends. Not what I really wanted to tuck my daughter in to bed every night with.

After disgustingly putting down my thirtieth try to find something appropriate for her, (this one had a main character who turned children into flowers because she hated children) I said to myself, "Someone should write children's stories about Wicca."

To my surprise, I answered, "Why not you?"

You hold the result of that conversation in your hands.

I have attempted to put these concepts as simply as I could, so children can understand them, but your input in this process of learning is critical.

It is possible for a child to read this book alone. While the stories may be understood, your own examples and experiences are vital for desirable growth to be achieved.

With that in mind, at the end of each story there is a short section on what you, as a parent, can do with your child. There are discussion questions, activities and in some cases, children's versions of rituals for them to practice.

It is my sincere hope that every Wiccan parent uses this book to help their children become better Wiccans, or to at least educate them so their minds don't close quite so tightly when they are grown.

It is best if a parent reads this book out loud to the child. That will ensure that both child and parent understand the ideas in the story. This also allows the parent to spend time with the child.

Please read all the stories before reading them to your child to see what alterations you wish to make. Some of the topics discussed may be inappropriate to your personal situation and beliefs. While I hope that the stories do not need to be changed much, I realize that there are many Ways. What I have written here is designed to be a springboard.

I recommend you sit down with your child(ren) once a week and read one story. This way, there is time for the lesson to be absorbed by the child before a new one is presented. It will also give everyone time to participate in the projects I have listed.

Not every child learns by listening. That is why the discussions and projects are also important. Children also learn by doing and thinking about questions related to something new. The "thinkers" will learn from the questions, and may even ask questions of their own. The "doers" will learn from the activities. All three parts are important to the growth of the child.

Your own child may well challenge you. There have been many times that I have been asked very pointed questions on a topic I was discussing with my daughter. Do not be upset by this. Answer them. Be calm and tell them what you feel is right. If you don't know the answer, tell them that then help them find the answers too. It may be possible they can help find the answer, and this is good, since it will create another activity to share.

Religion and philosophy are the same subject. Trying to teach someone else your philosophy may be one of the greatest challenges you will face. It is best if you know your own heart and way of life to a degree that allows you to articulate what you feel.

May the Blessings of the Lord and Lady shine always on your souls.

Note: Throughout this book, I use Herne and Rhiannon as the God and Goddess in these stories. I realize that you may not use these Names, please feel free to substitute the names of your own Gods in Their places. I have made any descriptions of Them fairly vague to help with this end.

Further note from the Author: (May 29, 2001) What is in this file is the final edit of the chapters I have entered into the computer. If you see an error or something like that please email me at and let me know about it. I am working on three more chapters, and I am also looking for an illustrator to help with this.

This project was intended to be a book. As such, the chapters are short, so that most of the two pages in the story could be taken up by the artwork of the illustrator, but since I don't have a publisher yet, I also don't have an artist. LOL

Enjoy this in good health, just be kind and make sure I keep the credit for these stories.


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