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Well---Deep subject. I want to start by saying there is absolutely no way I can teach you all you want or need to know in the time you'll spend here. I am looking into building a little more informative class, but I honestly don't know if I have the time to devote to it, so I'll start here, and let you know if it happens!
The "class" is going to be broken up into 4 segments:
1) An introduction to aroma-therapy, and how the mind and body use scent.
2) Common Scents: easy to obtain scents and how to use them for instant benefit.
3) Medicinal Uses: how to use aromatherapy for physical and emotional healing.
4) Ritual Uses: how to choose scents for ritual use and how to use them in ritual.

At the end of these lessons, you will find a very minimal table of scents and their uses.