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The Law of Return
The Rule of Three

Most Wiccans subscribe to the Law of Three. This is the basic idea, that whatever you do, be it good or bad, comes back to you thrice. Nearly all Earth based religions hold some form of the Law of Return. This law protects us from harm by our own doing, or from others, because it prevents a true witch from using the power unwisely, or for ill intentions.
Just for grins, I'd like to explain my theory on why the Rule of Three is true.
We are all aware of all the hub-bub about perpetual motion, and momentum. It is my belief that the Law of Three operates on these very basic scientific principles (most magickal workings do operate on some scientific principle!)
When something is set in motion, it will continue in the same direction, until something (an immovable force) stops, or redirects it. Energy, because it is not solid, will not stop for an immovable force (the subject of your spell), it will simply redirect itself, back to it's point of origin, (you) (reflection). Generally, when something is forced to change directions, it gains momentum and becomes more powerful. Also, if something is set into motion, it will gain momentum as long as there is no friction encountered. Again, as Energy is not solid, it can not encounter friction, therefore, it gains momentum the entire time it is moving.
Anyway, that's how I think it works!