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Book of Thoth Deck
Common Sense Tarot Book- A complete guide to tarot reading. $9.95
Complete Bk of Tarot Spreads-- 122 different layouts!  $8.95
Complete book of Tarot--teaches you how to read tarot and interpret their divinatory significance.  $12.95
Complete Bk of Tarot Reversal--Reversals are not black and white; explore these shades of grey with 12 different methods for reading reversed cards.  $14.95
Tarot: Handbook for the Apprentice--Here you will find the basic lessons and exercises, and fundamental esoteric philosophy which will allow you to fully comprehend the tarot.  $14.95
Tarot for Beginners-- Written in plain english so you need no prior knowledge of the tarot or other arcane subjects to get you started.  $12.95