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Sometimes in life, you find yourself in a situation that you wish you could get out of.  Perhaps it is a friendship that you know must end (sometimes to preserve your sanity!) or simply a baneful habit, or mood.
These things can be difficult to remedy.  I have chosen here some spells and banishing rituals that will help you move through these difficult times, and make the transition easier.

Goodbye, friend  (to help put an easy, peaceful end to a harmful, or outgrown friendship. Can also be used to terminate a relationship.)

Baneful Habits   (to help you break bad habits)

Self-Destruct Mode  (To help you break the cycle of self sabotage)

Goodbye, Love  (To help you find peace when you have lost love.)

Leave me alone (for those who can't take a hint) (Very effective! Be sure this is what you want.)

Forget her/him (another for those who can't take a hint) (Very effective!)

Energy Vampire (for those who would suck you dry, and leave you to Piece yourself back together)