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Welcome to the Vine. For learning, click the links to the left. But first, endulge me...please read the update below.
I hope you have all been enriched by what you've found here. I also hope that you will forgive me for making this the gateway to a store...Some are extremely unforgiving of those who do this. I have found that I spend so much time working on the site, it only seems natural to let it "earn it's keep". It's no small thing to spend 20-30 hours each week updating and rewriting pages and going through deadlinks..all the things that go with keeping it up. And now, If you'll bear with me. I'm going to redo it again. I want to make it easier to access, and easier to navigate. I'm moving to a new server, so no more pop-ups or ads. I'm dropping some webring links, just for neatness sake. I think this will be a long process, but when it's will be wonderful.

Through some twist of "High Fashion Wigs" type fate, I have had just enough support to convince me to keep the webstore open. I will however, be making some radical changes. Everyone is allowed to get discouraged,and then try again, right?

The Pagan portion of the store will be available only from the links here to "Shop the Vine." I will be updating the catalog on a more regular basis, and keeping a more limited list of items. It seems that whenever someone orders, that is when my suppliers discontinue the item. A word to the wise...if you tried to buy it on a larger site and it was discontinued, I won't have it either. Items that are always available include incense, oils, herbs, candles, books, and an amazing collection of music that I now have available. Jewelry will be limited to what I can find in more than 3 consecutive wholesale catalogs. This will hopefully cut down on the number of "I'm sorry" emails I've been sending out. If you have your eye on a particular piece, email me if you're not sure...I'll check it out and email you with the stats. Also, if you want a full size catalog that has everything I can get, fill out the catalog request form. I'm going to handle that a little differently, too. There will be continuous catalogs as they are updated, instead of getting one and never hearing from me again. This too, will cut down on backorders and discontinued items. Due to the cost of catalogs to me, I'm setting this up as a subscription of $10.00 a year to help cover the cost of postage and the catalogs themselves. If you've received one, you'll no doubt agree they are quite worth the small price.

The will be a more mainstream store, with items such as handmade soaps, lotions, and perfumes...of course available in all our needed ritual scents as well as some more popular "regular" scents.This section of the store is focused more on spiritual well-being. Energy balancing and aura cleansing music and scents will permeate this site. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

The site is full of very useful information, so I hope you will continue to share this site with your friends and groups.If you have a comment about the site, please email me at the address on the "contact us" page.

Thanks to you all.
This site is designed for those New to the craft, or "Newbies" as I affectionately call them.  I have tried to answer all the questions here that I couldn't bring  myself to ask, or the ones that I had a hard time getting answers to.

If you find a link or area that does not work properly, please e-mail me!

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