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Adam and Eve Roots
faithfulness, discourages rivals (for affection), attraction, bring love, bring proposal, insures a "yes" to marriage proposal
Anise, star. carminative, stimulant, stoachic, promotes digestion and appetite, relieves gas
Angelica Root, cut
Sun/Fire. protection, purification
Arabic Gum Powder
Spirituality, purification, add to incense for good vibrations or smolder alone on charcoal. Purifies area of negativity
For making candles, base for herbal salves, seals, polish and protect finish.
Blessed Thistle, cut
Mars/Fire -- Protection, repel lightning, aid in curing animals
Brewer's Yeast Flour
Source of niacin, induces abortion (when used with Pennyroyal), facial mask potions
Buckeyes whole
Jupiter--for arthritis and rheumatism, luck, divination, attracts money and wealth
Camphor (synthetic)
moon--kills germs, pain relief, heals skin, lips, nose, burns, prophecy in dreams, purification, physical energy, celibacy
Catnip, cut
Venus--Tonic: treats colds, fever, colic, indigestion, flatulence. Psychic bond with animals, power, courage, love and happiness
Chamomille Flowers, whole
Sun/Leo--Tonic, soothing sedativ, treats indigestion, pain. Marriage proposals, luck in gambling, prevents lightning strikes, prosperity, meditation
Cinnamon, ground
Sun/Fire--Personal protection, healing, passion, female sexual stimulent, meditation. Burn to stimulate clairvoyance, raise spiritual vibrations
Cloves, whole
Uranus--culinary spice-oil: eases tooth pain; Ground cloves calms stomach, relieves gas- banish hostile negative forces, gain what is soght, clears head, friendship
Clover, red, whole
Venus--Maintain fidelity, consecration of magickal tools, moderate infusion
Coltsfoot leaf, cut
Venus--to disperse illness, pain relief, cough remedy. Wealth and prosperity, love
Comfrey leaf, cut
Saturn/ Capricorn--Highly nutritious, soothes stomach, heals sprains, strains, fractures, sores, etc. Rheumatism.  Safe, traveling
Damiana leaf, cut
Pluto--Tonic; Aphrodisiac; Improves Digestion, relieves coughs. Use in sex magick. Taken to increase magickal energy, divination, dreams
Dandelion leaf, cut
Jupiter/ Sagitarius--tonic, highly nutritious, internally cleansing mild laxative, treats skin disorders, urinary tract infection, summons spirits, purification, dreams.
Devil's Shoestring
Protection, luck, attracts a raise or new job, control over opposite sex, invisibility
Epsom Salts
Hydrated magnesium sulfate, use as a purge, reduces inflamation, base for ritual bath salts
Eucalyptus leaf, cut
Pluto--great healing properties, kills germs, infections, eases lung congestion, heart stimulant, attracts healing, protection
Eyebright, cut
Sun/Leo--healing, extend spiritual and psychic vision, joy wonder, poor eyesight
Fennel Seed
Mercury--flavoring agent, aids digestion, weight loss, viatality, sexual virility, protection.
Flax Seed
Mercury--Protection, banish evil, bring good luck, and health
Flea Prevention Powder for Pets--sprinkle on pet's food like a spice. Changes the animal's scent to discourage biting insects.
Galangal root, cut (lo john)
Sun/Leo--cleanses system, flatulent colic, take at onset of colds, sore throat, saliva, aphrodisiac
Garlic powder
Ginseng powder
Guar gum Powder
Healall cut
Hibiscus Flower, whole
High John
Horehound, cut
Hyssop, cut
Jasmine Flowers, whole
Juniper Berries, whole
Kava Kava Root, whole
Lavender Flowers, whole
Lemon Verbena leaf, cut
Linden Flower, cut
Lobelia, cut
Mandrake, cut
Mistletoe, cut
Mugwort, cut
Mullein leaf, cut
Nettles leaf, cut
Nutmeg, whole
Orris Root Powder
Passion Flower, Cut
Patchouli Leaf, Cut
Pau d'Arco, cut
Pennyroyal leaf, cut
Peppermint leaf, cut
Raspberry leaf, cut
Red Rose Buds & Petals
Rose Hips, cut
Sage leaf, cut
Salt Peter
Red Sandalwood Chips
Scullcap, cut
Sea Salt Coarse
Solomon's Seal cut
St. John's Wort
Sulfur Powder (Brimstone)
Valerian Root, cut
Vervain, cut
White Willow Bark, cut
Wormwood, cut
White Sage
Yarrow Flower