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Book of Shadows
Children's Circle

The Esbats are the rituals or celebrations held during the 3 days surrounding the full moon (and in some traditions, the dark moon as well.) They are a time for magic, dedications, ,prayer, and other light work. If you have dark work to do (cutting ties, letting go of harmful habits, etc.) it is best to use the dark moon Esbat. The Esbats are what we're talking about when we say "circles", or when most covens meet. As I am solitary, I celebrate the Esbats on a very personal level, without much magnificence. I am an eclectic Wiccan, and do not claim any one tradition. Since the 13 moons of the year have different meanings in almost every tradition, I have chosen not to explain them. Wicca for Life by Raymond Buckland has a beautiful and easily adaptable Esbat ritual. It adapts easily to a solitary ritual, as do most of the rituals in the book. Another to consider is Moon Magick by D.J.Conway. Both are available in the bookstore here, or you may check the Links page to find tradition specific pages.


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